Australia's Top-Selling EV's in 2023

Australia’s Top-Selling EV’s in 2023

January 13, 2024

Some familiar faces and a few surprises!

No surprise, easily the most popular EV sold in Australia in 2023 was the Tesla Model Y with 28 769 sales.  Putting it 6th overall.


Outstanding really as 3 trucks, pickups, ute’s or bakee’s, depending on where you come from – took the first three places.


Tesla was 6th overall, pushing aside some pretty respected names.  No guesses for who was number one in a year that was a sales record in Australia, with over 1.2m units sold, the best since 2017.  This is according to official data just release from VFACTS.


So let’s count down the top 10 EV sales in Australia, during a year when so many new models were released, the annual results yield some hit’s, some misses, and some real surprises, that snuck into the Australian top 10 EV sales.


But official numbers put EV only sales at 7.2% – disappointing some, pleasing some other pundits.


But as kick off the EV Top 10 – think about what would happen if you take out the trucks, commercials and Utes,  so popular in Australia right now.  A segment where EV’s have yet to made a mark and the market share for EV’s is closer to 10%, add in Hybrids (which we are not fans of) the overall figure would be closer to 20% overall.  Not bad from virtually nothing 5 years ago!

Here’s Australia’s Top 10 Selling EV’s for 2023

If you can’t wait to find out in the Video, here’s the top 10 Selling EV’s in Australia for 2023.

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