BMW i5 EV - Looks like a real BMW should

BMW i5 EV – Looks like a real BMW should

November 24, 2023

The new 5 series is every bit a BMW, – it looks like a five series should

BMW have been building exciting and innovative EV’s for years, with the courageous carbon fibre i3 and the hybrid i8, almost coming from the future!


But this 5 series is every bit a BMW, – it looks like a five series should – handsome but bold outside, yet very progressive inside, almost like a smaller version of the i7.


BMW knows it owners are very loyal and in many ways they have taken a more conservative path with the 5 series, giving customers what they want. Petrol/hybrid and EV versions under the same skin – rather than the dedicated EV platforms, Mercedes style.


Good enough to be a serious challenger to other brands, we think so and and to the BMW loyalist’s, it’s befitting the premium price tag.


Plus it’s a damn fine looking car, and we thing good style wins every time.

Handsome but bold on the outside....

BMW seem to be all in on EV with the new i5.  For a start,  it’s not a 5 series any more, it gets the house “i” EV nomenclature.

Two out of the three models are EV and the there’s even an electric I5 M60 that has ridiculous amounts of power – more than enough to justify the M badging.

Then there is the new, dedicated EV platform, not an ICE platform convert, but a newly designed EV platform, that just happens to still accommodate a petrol engine model.  Pity about the drive shaft cutting the rear floor in half, but let’s focus on what’s going on upfront!

Look at that Grill! All BMW.  After experimenting with some, let’s say “interesting” design elements and style on the iX front “grill”,  with the new i5, BMW have said to current 5 series owners, we know what you want!  And they have delivered.  

Regardless of powertrain, any 5 series owner would have been attracted to this new car.  BMW have it just right.

,very progressive on the inside

Inside, the big screen dominates.  But take that away, and again it’s exactly the BMW feel you would expect.  Quality materials, quality design.  If anything, if you described the drivers cockpit as a smaller version of the 7 series, you would not be too far off.


The big screen and crystal knob too much – this is the future of BMW, EV or not. 


Of all the major European brands, BMW seems to be executing EV the best.  Some radical designs, but some more conservative takes as well, allowing customers to help guide them.  The new tech is progressive, without being radical and performance models, if you need them will match or exceed the expectations or any M owner.


Can BMW justify their price premium, you know, the one they used to have for the incredible but complex fire maker under the bonnet? Time will tell, but for the evolution of the 5 series,  the new i5 is a damn fine car.

You can make enquiries to order this car now with BMW , or Contact AmazingEV to chat to see if this the right EV for you.

“From Nike, we buy victory. From Under Armour, we buy protection. From Lululemon, we buy zen.  From Patagonia, we buy conservation. From BMW, we buy performance.”


BMW i5

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