Which EV should I buy?

Which EV should I buy?

First time EV Buyer - which EV should I Buy? It's not always about Kw/h, Range and 0 - 100km.

You can probably do this alone, or with a trusty friend.  Someone who already owns an EV and has been banging on about how wonderful they are for the last year.


Or you’re at that stage, maybe I’m ready, maybe I’m not – but let’s have a look at what all the fuss is a about.


Perhaps you are ready to go now, but with so many new choices, which one is best for your lifestyle? 


Which EV should I buy? Enter AmazingEV Buyer Help.


We sit comfortably between the Car Brands (or car Website) and You.  We love all EV’s and are not affiliated to any one in particular.


Like a Broker, we research, consult, negotiate and advise on your move into the exciting world of EV driving.


Ours is not a “green” agenda, we just believe EV’s are the future because they a just so much more fun and practical to drive. 


 AmazingEV Buyer Help is here to help you jump in.


Don't forget, it's got to be practical and fun to drive!

Buying any new car, especially an EV is very emotional experience.  We help you choose from all the amazing new EV models by injecting some fun into EV buying.  Let us focus on all the boring research and reviews so you can focus on driving and enjoying your new EV.


With many new entrants into the market, the choice is very expansive, and growing fast.  We provide our research and knowledge to help you buy, and drive, the best EV, for your lifestyle.


From finding the best model to buying online, we got you covered!


AmazingEV provides news, information and buying advice to help you buy your new Electric Vehicle. We’ll sift through all the information, data and BS to find the best EV for you to enjoy. Just like we do with TV’s & AV tech now. But since new car delivery has changed our service doesn’t stop there.  We will be with you from purchase to delivery, helping with setup and driving.  Not so easy when it’s now like a mobile phone on wheels!


When you get home, you won’t be alone.  Your home charging station will be installed and ready to go, thanks to our team of installer Sparky’s.


If you’re in an Apartment, we work with Strata to EV ready your parking space.


We’ll make money providing this advice, and in some cases the car manufacturers will pay us for the referral. So come and take this trip with us, Welcome to the world of EV’s.

What do I do next?

I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my favorite car?’ and I’ve always said ‘The next one’.

Carroll Shelby

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