Can an Electric Car Go through A Car Wash?

Can an Electric Car Go through A Car Wash?

July 9, 2023

Question from a EV buyer?

Prospective EV Buyer, Jo from Cabramatta asked whether it’s safe to put your EV through an auto car wash? 

Can you put your EV through a car wash? Is it safe?

Yes, you can safely drive an Electric Vehicle through a car wash.  You can also charge your EV in the rain, but sensibly, like any electrical equipment it’s not advisable to handle electrical cables in the wet.  Standing in a puddle while you handle the electrical charge cable is not a good idea! 

Incidentally, there is no power on the charge cable or the charge point of the car until it’s connected to the car and activated.  So going through a car wash, the connector plate is protected by the cover, but also there is no electricity present.

Many EV’s also have Car Wash Modes to protect it in other ways though.  Notably Tesla which as a dedicated Car Wash Mode Button, which does the following: 

The side mirror swing in, helps avoid collision with spinning brushes
The car engages neutral, to allow it to roll through the car wash freely
Auto windscreen washers are disengaged, so they don't activate with the water contact

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