Classic EV Soul Captured

Classic EV Soul Captured

March 14, 2024

Maybe we've lost the soul of modern vehicles! Well, we've found it and it's been captured in this 1973 VW Type 3 Wagon EV Classic Conversion - Now it can be yours!

Rapid electric car development has meant the whole automotive industry has taken a dramatic leap forward!

Reliability, minimal maintenance, and smooth power are all great benefits of this change.  Not to mention the great benefits for the environment.  However, as the industry made these changes, we seemed to have lost something along the way. 


The soul of the vehicle!  Well, we found it and captured it with this 1973 VW Type 3 Wagon.


Now it can be yours!


You know what we’re talking about.  It may be that you grew up with a car like this and familiarity just makes us smile.  Or maybe it’s the unique care and attention given to design.


 Maybe it’s the knowledge that it’s been lovingly restored with “clean” technology that gives this beauty a second life.  Whatever the reason, a car like the VW Type 3 Wagon just resonates with you!  This car has been lovingly brought back to life by Sydney’s premier Electric conversion company Electrogusto.

Lovingly brought back to life.

Nick and his Team spared no expense electrifying this classic with a new, Italian made Netgain Hyper 9 electric motor delivering 127HP (almost 100kw).  The five 6.2 kWh Tesla batteries deliver an estimated 200 to 230KM range, and are custom split, front and rear for better balance.

New EV features like regenerative braking are built in, along with an trick automatic motorised glove box door where digital screens are hidden. 

Ready to drive away

It’s been converted to a push button gear selector, and it retains its gearbox, but in day to day driving, there is no need to change gears – it’s got so much torque.  It can be driven like an automatic in 3rd gear all day, every day!


Brakes and suspension have been restored.  But, new, powder-coated rims and tyres, brand new bumpers and side trim plus a new windscreen, bring it all back to life.



Fully refinished in period Auratium green (it has a history all to itself), new leather and cloth interior including new headliner, leather wrapped dash, German weave carpets and new wooden steering wheel complete the remake.


The car is fully engineered and registered ready to drive away. Asking $145,000

If you'd like a drive, or just glimpse, let's chat or contact

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