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    If you have any questions or concerns about this Complaint Handling Policy or wish to submit a complaint, please contact us by phone, emails or contact form above.


    We value your trust and strive to make your experience on our used electric vehicle marketplace a positive one.


    Your feedback through the complaint handling process is essential to help us achieve this goal. 


    Thank you


    We are committed to providing a smooth and trustworthy experience for all our EV People, whether you are buying, selling, or simply exploring the world of electric vehicles.

    We understand that from time to time, issues or concerns may arise.  This Complaint Handling Policy outlines our approach to addressing and resolving complaints promptly and fairly.

    Let’s make it clear, it’s better to Talk than Type.  If you have a complaint or feedback, Step 1, ring us and we will listen and focus solve the problem quickly.


    Having said that, the purpose of this page is to outline our Formal Complains & Feedback policy,  which is to; 

    • Provide a clear and transparent process for users to submit complaints.
    • Ensure that complaints are handled professionally, fairly, and promptly.
    • Continuously improve our services based on Client feedback.

    How we see it

    A complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction, whether it is related to the functionality of the website, the conduct of a user, or any other aspect of our services.


    Sometimes we understand your expectations were simply not met, even though no one was trying to offend or wrong you.


    How you will see it:

    Firstly call us, we would love to chat and work it out.


    Secondly email us at rosco@amazingev.com.au


    Thirdly go on social media and shout the house down!


    We will treat all complaints and related information with strict confidentiality, sharing details only with individuals directly involved in the resolution process.

    What happens next.  We will 

    • Acknowledge
    • Investigate
    • Resolve
    • Communicate &
    • Review and Improve our policies and actions
    Upon receiving a complaint, we will acknowledge it within 1 business days. The acknowledgment will include a reference number for tracking purposes.


    Our team will thoroughly investigate the complaint, which may involve gathering information from relevant parties and reviewing any documentation or records related to the complaint.


    We will aim to resolve complaints within 2 business days, from the date of acknowledgment. The resolution may involve taking appropriate actions to rectify the issue, providing explanations or solutions, or, if necessary, issuing an apology.


    Throughout the process, we will maintain open and transparent communication with the complainant, providing updates on the progress of the complaint and the expected resolution timeframe.


    If a complaint cannot be resolved within the specified timeframe or if the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution, it can be escalated to a higher level of management or to an independent mediator, if applicable.


    We are committed to using feedback from complaints to improve our services and prevent similar issues from recurring in the future.  So the result of your complaint or feedback will result in a review of our processes and procedures if where appropriate.


    This Complaint Handling Policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains effective and aligned with our commitment to excellent customer service.


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