Do EV's need Servicing?

Do EV’s need Servicing?

Is there a Servicing Schedule for my used EV?

As you drive off in your newly purchased used electric vehicle (EV) one of the first questions that might cross your mind is “Is there a servicing schedule for my used EV?”


The answer is simple – there are no hard and fast servicing schedules for any electric vehicles.


The fact is, that EV’s (including your previously loved, used EV) neither require nor desire a service at your local mechanic shop!


That’s right.


Unlike the red used Alfasud that I brought at 19, your used EV has far fewer moving parts, and that means far less mechanical maintenance. This tends to eliminate the risks associated with buying a used EV vehicle, but my 17-year self remains a tad cautious.


Although, having explored the service guides and recommendations from the major EV brands and assessing the options – it’s clear that electric vehicles do, in fact, require very little maintenance.


Of course, every used EV is different.  Yours will have its own warranty or servicing booklet with recommendations from the manufacturer.  


It’s likely that your used EV will still be under warranty.  BYD offers a 6-year warranty for the Atto 3 and Dolphin; Tesla has a 4-year warranty and Polestar 2 & 3 both have a 5-year warranty.


If, like me you too have welcomed a previously loved EV into your life and garage, there are a few things you can do to keep it in optimal condition:

3 simple things you can do everyday

Check the Battery charge level

Don’t over or under charge.  Each Electric Vehicle has it’s own guidelines, but generally, for best battery life there are a few easy rules.


Charge up to around 80/85% for best battery life and don’t let it run down to zero .  Some brands, like Tesla recommend charging to 100% once a week, so check with your brand.

Check your Tyre Pressure and Wear

Like all cars, keep an eye on tyre pressure with a quick walk around in the morning.  Many EV’s, like Tesla have tyre pressure gauges built in.  If there is a warning, don’t ignore it – there will be a screw or nail in the tyre causing a slow leak.


Don’t forget EV tyres are often operate a higher pressure, up to 44psi, as the weight of the car is higher – this is normal.  And you can still go to the Service station for free air.


Otherwise tyre life is usually about the same as other cars.

Just keep your washer fluid topped up

Almost as simple as that, there is nothing much more to do daily, weekly or monthly than top up your washer fluid.  Such is the simplicity of a modern Electric Vehicle.  


Makes you wonder why we didn’t have years ago?

EV car service

Is there a servicing schedule for your used EV?

That will depend on your vehicle, although based on what most of the major EV brands suggest, you can expect it to look something like this:

  • Service Every 20,000km

Check brakes and wiper fluid

Overall equipment and safety check

  • Within 2 years:

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

  • Within 4 years

Brake fluid Health Check

  • Tyres usually due for rotation at about 20,000 km and replacement at around 40,000 km
  • Monitoring the battery’s state of health (SOH) and making sure it stays within acceptable limits. 
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System Check. This can impact the battery’s overall performance so, it’s important to maintain the HVAC system. 
  • Software Updates. Your used EV will continue to have access to software updates directly from the manufacturer

Ultimately, a used EV will be easier to service and maintain than a traditional vehicle simply because of the structural composition and technology that’s been invested into these vehicles.


Do your research and get to know your car.


We recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines and most importantly, as Mrs Amazing would say, “give your EV a little bit love every day”.

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