EV had a bit of smash? - we know where to go

EV had a bit of smash? – we know where to go

EV's can be fixed just like other cars after a small smash. If you find yourself, like I did recently, needing some work done. Look no further in Sydney Town than City Prestige in Mascot.

EV's are Safe

Electric Vehicles are amongst the safest vehicles on the road in a crash, despite much of what is written.  The Tesla Model Y recorded the highest score of any car in Australia in it’s ANCAP test, performed right here in Australia.  ANCAP crashes cars and reports and compares the results to help inform Australian drivers.

Lithium Battery safety and other reasons lead many to also believe EV can’t be fixed, or that in a crash, EV’s will catch fire.

Have a good look at the crash test videos on the ANCAP site.  From a variety of pretty severe angles, no results show a vehicle catching fire.  Not even close!

City Prestige Autobody

There specialist EV repairers

Tesla, among other manufacturers have worked with many Autobody repairers around Australia to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to repair and rebuild to the manufacturers exacting standards.


This is where we met Darren from City Prestige Autobody, at Tesla in Alexandria.  They were working with the Team at Tesla to help repair a car.  Once our damage was assessed and approved, it was all smooth sailing – 3 weeks later, the car was ready and good as new.


Knowing that they were a Tesla Approved Collision Centre was critical.  Tesla only sell parts to approved repairers, and insurance companies insist on this accreditation to give the go ahead.


From what we understand, it’s not easy to get, so you know if its Tesla approved, they must be good.


We would recommend anyone with EV damage, Tesla, or any other EV, give City Prestige Autobody a call.

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Thanks for this appreciate a heads up for a good and reliable EV repair!

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