FIAT 500e - Fiat for e-people

FIAT 500e – Fiat for e-people

Finally, after several years and success in Europe, the electric Fiat 500e has been launched in Australia. Worth the wait ?

When Mrs AmazingEV saw a picture of the Fiat 500e for the first time, she, I have to have it.  But that was over two and a half years ago!

Since then, it’s gone on to top the sales charts in some European countries, Italy of course and finally it’s arrived in Australia.

Despite being a popular favourite in Rome, the reincarnation of the 500 in petrol form never took off in Australia.  The 500e version could be a different story.  It promises to be the first real mini EV on the Australian market, beating a slew of Chinese Mini and Micro EV’s to the market. 

The 500e makes perfect sense as a round town car, short trips and dare I say it, the more senior end of the car buyer market.

This is not a second car, it’s a great first city car.

Fiat 500e Australia Buyers Guide

Very impressive

First impressions, very very nice.   Really nicely built.  We loved the look inside and out.  Australia received the Primo version, the top spec model.

It’s loaded with everything you would expect from a premium car, it just exudes quality from the front seats.

What you get is two quality seats, perfect for a single or couple around town, exactly what you expect.  Exactly what you need for around town.


The drive is exactly what you would expect too.  Zippy around town, no surprises from suspension or speed and easy to operate and park.

Fiat 500

$55k might put the long tail of buyers off (the first 60 are allocated and sold as is usual for the first delivery of any new car).  But we are getting the top version and the finish and equipment levels are equal to the price


Hopefully, in the near future,  Stellantis/Fiat Australia will treat us with some lower spec. versions, with more affordable pricing.


Stand by for the 500e Abath, due later in 2023, a premium, performance version with racing engine sounds to boot.


Perhaps not the peoples car just yet but this is the first real small city EV we’ve seen in Australia.  Unfortunately Australia hasn’t embraced the city car concept like Europe (if anything we are going the American route with car/truck size).

You can make enquiries to order this car now with Fiat, or Contact AmazingEV to chat to see if this the right EV for you.

“The fact is I don’t drive just to get from A to B. I enjoy feeling the car’s reactions, becoming part of it.”

Enzo Ferrari

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