Fiat 500e, Love at first sight?

Fiat 500e, Love at first sight?

July 8, 2024

Meet Michael and Ruth, not a used EV buyer in this case.  They are new EV buyers.  We help EV Buyers find the right Electric Vehicle for their lifestyle.   It’s part of the service here at Amazing EV.


We’re more than happy to help anybody who’s looking at a new or used EV to help them make the right decision to get into an EV.  In this case, it’s something a little bit different.  It’s a car that he’s had previously as a petrol or ice car.  It was a resort car.  He had it as part of a holiday owned package.  Got rid of it when he sold the holiday home, but he’s looking at one again now for just roundabout town in Sydney.


This would be the perfect car.  To be honest, Mrs Amazing and I love this car and I’m surprised it hasn’t been as popular here in Australia as it has been in Europe. Where, it’s been one of the biggest sellers in the last two or three years since it was introduced.  And we really love this car -the Fiat 500e, La Prima.  Bellisimo!


After picking it up and driving again, I think it’s great.  I like it.  Easy to drive, it’s really zippy.  Just put your foot down, go. No hassle, no drama.   It’s just easier.   This is what EV should be all about. Just make it really easy.


Catch their reaction, their full test drive and find out if it was love at first sight. Click the YouTube link Above.

If you need help to choose your new EV, we are here to help.

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