Fiat Topolino - It's Italian for cute little mouse

Fiat Topolino – It’s Italian for cute little mouse

July 19, 2023

Hot on the tiny heels of the new 500e, Fiat lauched a new concept, the Topolino?

First Cousin to the Citroen Ami and Opel Rock (all from the house of Stellantis) the Topolino not so much a car as a quadricycle, enabling younger drivers (riders) in more countries to experience an EV for the first time.


FIAT call it new sustainable urban mobility solution, we prefer the Italian meaning for Topolino, a cute baby mouse.


This renowned and evocative name is what paved the way for urban mobility, back in the 30’s and 40’s with the iconic Fiat 500 Topolino that revolutionized the concept of the motor vehicle and literally invented the idea of mobility for the Italian people.

The new Topolino perfectly embodies FIAT’s dolce vita and Italian spirit. It’s aim is to bring a smile to a new generation bring fun, optimism, and the dolce vita back to the city streets.


It is perfectly suitable for the city and people looking for a sustainable and fresh mobility solution, in keeping with FIAT’s democratic mission of providing urban sustainable mobility solutions, which are accessible to everyone.


Catering to young generations, the Topolino is more than a mobility device. Thanks to its charming design which is fit for every generation, so Fiat Say.


“It will make young people fall in love with cars again.”

We say, Ti amiamo Topolino

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