Ford Mach-E - Electric Stallion

Ford Mach-E – Electric Stallion

Well surprise, surprise! here it is, the fantastic Ford Mach-E. Available in Australia to order now!

Ford Mach-E

The launch of the Mach E coincided with the build-up to the Australian Grand Prix (March 2023).  A nice touch as earlier in the year they had announced a return to Formula One, via a partnership with Red Bull.


So what better time to keep the excitement and innovation going as Ford start their global switch to EV’s.


The Ford badge still carries a lot of fire power in the automotive world.  So when they commit to EV’s, they cast aside some of the shackles by creating a new EV division.  So far the results are are impressive.


Globally, the Mach E was Ford’s first EV, a surprise segment (SUV) to launch into EV’s, especially using the Mustang name,  but with this shape on trend, it was an logical choice.


But in the USA it was followed up quickly by the Ford Lightning, back to the core with an EV to compete in the best selling class in America, the pickup truck!


How to win over Ford fans

Recent success for Ford Australia has been all about Ute’s, SUV’s and a token small car, as their Australian line up doesn’t have a single passenger (sedan) car, as we once knew it.


Ford had also suggested the Mach-E was not going to happen in Australia in 2023, as demand was strong in the USA and Europe creating scarcity of global resources for right hand drive versions.  Low Australian volume etc. meant, let’s face it, we are low on the priority list.


And maybe, if anything, the Ford Lightning EV Truck was the more obvious first choice of EV for Australia from Ford?


After all, on release, hard core Ford fans weren’t necessarily impressed with the new Mach-E EV, wearing the famous Brand.  


Call it anything else but a Mustang they said, it’s too far removed from the tree to have the pony on the front they complained. 


True, with a front/rear electric motors, 4 doors, a dedicated EV chassis and all new cockpit, it’s a monumental break from tradition.  But for the rest, including I think, a large number of Aussie buyers at least they will have a direct alternative to the Tesla Model Y or Kia EV6.

What we'll get in Australia

If it looks a bit like a Model Y, it’s probably not a mistake.  It’s been the most successful formula for car/EV success in the last 4 years.  I’m a Tesla owner so I see it and respect it.


Four door suits this soft SUV style, it’s on trend, high and easy to access, allowing plenty of room for batteries and passengers.  The shape is smooth, more aero than most current Fords, but the overall package is only slightly Mustang, more Thoroughbred actually.  And continuing the Horse theme, well done Ford, driving modes range from Whisper, Engage and Unbridled – horse speak, get it!


The single electric motor is in the rear, so that’s a start.  The higher end models may have a second engine, but we can expect three model range based on the overseas line up; Select, Premium and the GT.   As is usual with an EV range, as the model steps up, you pay more and get bigger batteries, more range and more powerful motors.


Remember, at AmazingEV we aren’t into the fine print  of the Spec’s, we just recommend buying the model that suits your style and budget.  But with the pricing starting at around $87k and maxing out at $117k for the GT, price on the road, it’s priced at a significant premium to it’s direct competition.  I suspect therefore, it’ll be only for those with blue blood and oval heart.


However, all the reviews from the northern hemisphere, particularly our friends from Topgear in the UK, are positive.  They like the overall package, and despite not having a Ford badge, it’s definitely a Ford.

Ford Mach-E

Inside the Mach-E

Good enough for a phone, good enough for Ford – the fixed, portrait entertainment screen dominates.  Plenty of real estate to display the impressive Ford software, or if you prefer, run Apple Carplay or Android Auto.


Interestingly, it features a big knob to control various functions, centre bottom.  Don’t expect to see this on future Ford EV’s.  This is augmented by the low profile screen for the driver, with dedicated driver only info.  It’s too big a jump to dispense with this completely!


The rest of the dash is clean, black and pretty conservative, a mix of old and new buttons and knobs but add double wireless charging, a B&O Sound System and you have a step up for Ford, albeit  “American” style, rather than Euro finish, if you know what we mean.


You sit higher than a sedan, but not as high as truck in this style of body, handy to get in and out of for day to day use.  As you’d expect there is plenty of room, front and back, with a proper flat floor.  Everything is clean, tidy and comfortable, despite some power when you need it, it says practical family car not crazy sports car.


Up front there’s a generous Frunk and a ton of room in the rear hatch back under the sloping spoiler.  All models get the panoramic sunroof, standard, which, in Australia can add to the spaciousness or let in just a little too much sun. 

Welcome to EV's Ford

Welcome back to the future Ford, it’s great to have you in the game again.  I was starting to feel they had given up on Australia and condemned us to a future of truck like chassis and build!  Luckily I was wrong; the next step is the Ford EV Transit van, already one of Ford’s biggest sellers in EV version.


We look forward to the Mustang in late 2023, then the Lightning Truck and maybe the exciting new Explorer, just released in Europe.  Ford are stepping up quickly, unlike a few other traditional auto manufacturers.  It you want to see the way forward and don’t like Tesla, follow Ford.

A look at the Ford online configurator

“If I’d asked people what they wanted, they’d have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford

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