Great photos help EV's sell faster

Great photos help EV’s sell faster

A guide to taking taking photos and video to sell you EV

We know that amazing images sell more cars, so here’s your chance to make your Amazing E really stand out.  Remember the idea is to show your EV in the best light, so that will be irresistible to buyers.

Where do I start?

EV Preparation
Firstly, please clean your car, inside and out – dust and dirt really stands out in photos.


Align the steering wheel so the wheel and logo are straight ahead.


Turn the front wheels so they straight ahead too.



A neutral or park-like setting provides a great backdrop, just not your garage! If you find a venue with a graffiti wall or similar for a background which complements your EV, go for it.


Let your car stand out amongst the others and aim high with images, like a high-end real estate listing – we have no doubt, the better the images the better your chance of selling.



The Golden Hour is the hour just before sunset and just after sunrise. It’s acknowledged by professional photographers as the perfect light to capture stunning photos.  The sunlight at those times is softer, the shadows, less harsh – which limits the intense glare and deep shadows during the daytime. 


Try and take your shots in the Golden Hours, they will just look better.  If not, try and put the car in some shade, the midday sunshine is just too bright for great shots.


Also, keep an eye out, at any time of the day for unwanted reflections; other cars or objects, but usually you on the car surfaces
It’s not critical but really helpful to plan your shoot for Golden Hour.

How many photos is enough?

How many Photos is enough?  Take lots of photos, AmazingEV has room for over 30, so take plenty and use the best, somewhere between 20 & 30 on the AmazingEV Listing.

Image angles to make your car pop.


  1. ¾ Front of car
  2. Full front of car
  3. Side profile shot of car
  4. ¾ Rear of car
  5. Full rear of car
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the other side of the car
  7. Close up of each Wheel (yes, even if there is some curb damage)


  1. Front dashboard taken from back seat
  2. Steering wheel
  3. Both front seats
  4. Door cards, front and rear (inside doors)
  5. Rear seats
  6. Carpets, front and rear
  7. Boot or hatch back space
  8. Frunk or Motor compartment

We recommend close ups of each wheel and any special features, like carbon fibre spoilers etc.

Give potential buyers the full picture!  Buyers have said they respect Sellers who are happy to disclose usual wear and tear.  Hiding doesn’t help.

Remember, the more, great quality images you take, the better the chances of a sale. 

Any special gear required?

The results from your phone are great, just resist portrait and take Landscape style – and choose the best image quality you can.

Wide angle settings can be handy for interior shots, but not so great for exterior shots.

If you have a pro camera, use depth of field to focus the image on the EV.

Give the car some space around it (preferably without any other cars in the background).  You can always crop in on some details later.

What about some video?

And while you have your phone out, take some shot landscape video of  and piece them together with some funky music on Capcut, a video creativity app.

AmazingEV has a spot on the Listing for a short video, which really makes your car stand out.

Go one step further and upgrade to the Social Blast Listing and we’ll promote the videos in short and long form on our social media channels.

Let us give you a hand?

Don’t forget to have some fun taking photo and video and if you need more help, we’d love to come out and shoot your EV to help you sell.

We’d love to help you get some great shots to help sell your EV faster, we often come out and take shots for EV Sellers to help them capture their beloved EV in the best light.

All part of our Amazing service!

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