GWM ORA - One Funky Cat

GWM ORA – One Funky Cat

The GWM ORA is released in Australia; pity we didn't get the Funky Cat, here its called the ORA. Luckily, however, it keeps its retro aura and it's still funky!

Now we can have some fun with design

When you give car designers the freedom to express themselves, this is what happens.


You get a potpourri of design elements, many of which will remind you of other cars, many classics, mixed with the underpinnings of an ultra-modern EV.  Your get personality, you get Funk!


Inside and out, you lose count of the number of “that reminds me of” so let’s not dwell but the overall impact is a cute body of curves and waves, chrome and contrast.


The Interior it’s a combination of Japan/USA circa 1960, everything trimmed in silver, and cream contrasting everything else.  Unfortunately, Australia may not see this level of interior trim contrast.


Let’s not go through every feature and element, because almost everything you would find on a large EV is available in the Ora.  The Ora usually just does it in different way.

Unashamed fun

Congratulations to Great Wall Motors for bringing such an exciting and fun looking car to Australia.  But if you ask Mrs Amazing, Great Wall Motors have missed a great marketing opportunity, she loved the Funky Cat name and all its connotations.


Importantly, for the whole EV market, this is the one of the first real entrants to the small EV market in Australia.  Not a big family car, not an SUV but about the same length as a VW Golf.  This is the first of many EV’s we will see around town in the  Compact Market.  It is an obvious market that will become very popular for EV’s, just not as profitable for manufacturers and the allocate their scare resources.


So let’s celebrate design, EV ambition and the beginnings of the small car EV market in Australia.  This car is a significant step towards the day when EV’s will just be V’s.

What do we think?

Let’s say upfront, at this stage we haven’t driven it but we really like what we see.


There two models, corresponding to the  battery sizes, Standard with 48kWh for a WLTP (and remember this, you will hear it over and over, Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) range of 310km and a Long Range with 65kWh for a WLTP range of 420km.  Both models, plenty for around town and a daily top up.  Later we will get a GT model with different wheels, trim, bumper, brakes and interior trim.


The curvy form is designed for around town – being smaller and lighter it’s easier to manoeuvre and park, but you still get a plenty of space or one person, or one and the kids + shopping and sports gear etc.  It will do exactly what it was designed to do and that’s zip around, quickly, quietly and easily.

As is almost expected with new car design these days, It’s been awarded a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating and it’s currently undergoing ANCAP assessment here in Australia.  For more on the great work at ANCAP, follow the link.  There is more of an obsession with ANCAP ratings of EV’s, over perception of battery safety.  It’s fair to say, so far, EV’s have an received excellent ANCAP results.


Like many of the new EV designers stretching the design envelop, the ORA will be cute to some and pointless to others.  But isn’t that the point.  The designers have done their job if they polarise views!


We think it is a funky cat, and you’ll see it lurking around the inner city streets in no time.  For a more detailed driving review, head over to our friends at Drive, click the link.


“Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives.”

Chris Bangle, Car Designer

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