I Bought a Second Hand 2022 Tesla Model Y

I Bought a Second Hand 2022 Tesla Model Y

December 30, 2022

What a start to 2023 - a new (well almost new) Tesla Model Y in the garage, a new direction and the start of a new business - AmazingEV. But why a Tesla, and why not order new?

Used Tesla Model YWe looked at three EV brands and for us, Tesla came out on top.  But more about the selection process in Part 2.


Initial Tesla highlights.  The biggest, and most surprising is the dreamy feeling that we will never have to visit a petrol station again.  Strangely though, by habit, I’m still driving around looking and judging the price of petrol.  It’s not that we’ve suddenly gone clean, or we are saving the planet, it’s just we don’t need to burn petrol!


It’s very different, and new, but already completely normal!  There is a lot to learn, and it’s going to need a good day to sit down and go through how to work it all and set it up.  But if you just get in and intuitively just drive, it’s very simple.

And importantly, there is clearly a lot of stuff (and crap) written about Tesla, positive and negative (rarely neutral) and we are not a sudden ambassadors, but it is a very, very good vehicle.


I was never a big fan of Tesla, we have not been on the Tesla bandwagon and I was not in love with the shape.  The inside yes, you quickly realise just how bloated the inside of modern ICE cars has become.  The Tesla strips it all away, Scandinavian style.  But after driving some of the competition, the Tesla was a clear winner with my wife, so in an exceptional moment, I listened to her.


But back to the beginning, why choose a Tesla Model Y and why risk buying nearly new (used) instead of new?

Tesla Model Y was not where my EV search started, and certainly not a used one. So how did this EV become the best choice for us?

Model Y Drivers SeatFirstly, we bought it from Yan Tan and the wonderful team at Ryde Nissan Used Cars.   Not EV specialists, but experienced pros.

Coming from an ICE SUV, the Model Y fit the bill for current and future work needs, at least for the next couple of years.  But it was not the car where the search started (more of The Search in Part 2).

Having decided on a Model Y, there were three key considerations in our choice of this particular car.

After a bit of a search, we discovered the choice of a nearly new Model Y’s was very limited, not surprising but we found two in NSW.  Knowing we’d be waiting a few months if ordered new, this one was only 4 months old and with only 6,500km, still had the new car smell.  The real back story, of why they had it used, so soon after new delivery, was never revealed, but it was available now and we wanted it.

Furthermore, on close inspection this Model Y appeared perfect, despite all the articles about some alleged inconsistencies in build quality.  Paint, panel and interior, and I assume motor & battery, all excellent, plus it had all the 2022 spec.   Test driving, exactly what I had come to expect from a Tesla.  We couldn’t see any downside in purchasing a unit that appeared as, “as-new” as this one.

The price, at $76,888, reflecting current Australian supply and demand, was slightly less than new and don’t forget, no NSW Stamp Duty on an EV’s under $78,000, (thanks NSW State Govt.).

We knew we'd be waiting a few months if I ordered new, but this one was only 4 months old and with only 6,500km, still had the new car smell.

Nearly New Tesla Model 7

Lastly, and a major factor in buying any new car; to trade-in or sell privately.

We were always wary of matching the sale of the old ICE vehicle with the purchase of a new EV, for obvious cashflow reasons.  Selling privately is not our preference, and we always felt, the third-party trade in buyer services, some of the new EV brands work with, will always try and capitalise on the imposed deadline of your new car delivery.


That’s to say, if you order new, and delivery is not for another 3 months, you’ll probably need your existing car till then.  When delivery date of the new EV is locked in, you are then under some pressure to sell your old car, and any buyer may take that into account!

After some extended negotiation, I got a great deal for my ICE SUV trade in.  Then, thanks to very competitive finance deal from my friends at VW Finance (yes, I am a 13 year client over 6 cars), it was out with the ICE, in with the EV.

So that’s Part 1 of I BOUGHT A NEARLY NEW 2022 TESLA MODEL Y.  Keep an eye out for Part 2, where we’ll dive into why we chose the Model Y over the current competition.

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