Ioniq 6 - Serious Competition

Ioniq 6 – Serious Competition

January 8, 2023

The next addition to the IONIQ range from Hyundai, IONIQ 6, stands apart from its stablemate and almost every other car ever produced.

Let’s have a look at the iconic design of the amazing new EV, the IONIQ 6 price Australia.  It follows the revolutionary IONIQ 5 and shares the same platform but what an incredible new design direction from Hyundai on the outside.  With a drag coefficient of 0.21 (most cars are between 0.25-0.30) they describe the IONIQ 6 as the Streamliner and it’s about as close to the original Prophecy Concept Car from 2020 as you can get.  Some love it and some hate it, but most respect it as serious competition.


IONIQ 6 Hyundai describe the clean, simple lines and a pure aerodynamic form as Emotional Efficiency.  We think the sweeping, single stroke profile harks back to a Porsche/Citroën fusion, with parents from the 1930’s.

 There are almost too many design details.  Most are functional to reduce drag, but the IONIQ pixel theme continues throughout: small squares in LED light or design elements, all over the car, for function and identity.  

I like the sweeping side profile the most, clean and crisp with a cheeky duck tail.  However, from the front or rear, the simplicity gets lost with, in my opinion, too many design elements.


IONIQ 6Inside, according to Hyundai, it’s a more cocoon-like interior than the IONIQ 5.  The dash is similar on both and the interface is the same but with a sedan like height, the driver is deeper and lower than the SUV positioning of the IONIQ 5, who’s platform it shares.

The range of interior materials are all sustainably sourced, across the trim levels.   Hyundai have gone out of their way to use sustainable materials, both inside and out.  Such as recycled fishing net carpet for one model.   And for a party trick, you can get dual coloured ambient LED lighting highlights inside, with 64 colours available to relax and entertain. 

Unlike many, the IONIQ 6 has fixed buttons for quick control of heating and air con.  A big plus for some.

New Tech

IONIQ 6One of the first to execute this new tech, IONIQ 6 has optional camera rear view mirrors and interior viewing screens integrated into the dashboard, replacing traditional mirrors to cut drag and increase aero. 

There is plenty of debate on the practicality of this set up; trying to snatch a glance at one of two interior screens, instead of actual mirrors.

Some argue the finickity operation counters the aero benefits., however other brands would probably follow suit if the USA did not still mandate standard, traditional mirrors for now.  We are certainly seeing more examples of this tech to ensure maximum range from aero benefits.


IONIQ 6 is now available for sale in Australia, you can order on line with Hyundai Australia, IONIQ 6 or Contact AmazingEV and join our mailing list for further updates.

“If you can be the best, then why not try to be the best.

Garrett Morgan, Inventor Traffic Lights

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