It's still all about the DRIVING

It’s still all about the DRIVING

March 12, 2023

With all the EV chat about Range, Revs and Reliability let's not lose sight of the joy of EV driving.

Article Reading time five minutes.  But don’t sit around reading this blog, go out, get in your EV and go driving and enjoy it.  So many articles are written about EV’s focusing on speed, acceleration time, charging time and range, how boring!  Let’s not forget the fun of owning a car is the just driving it, and electric powered vehicles are no different.


EV’s are made day for trips; leisurely motorway cruising, then down to a faraway beach, or something more challenging like the twists and turns through the Kangaroo Valley, NSW,  EV’s won’t disappoint you.

The feel good factor with EV’s is still there but it hits you in a few different ways;

Smooth and quite

EV’s are quiet, very quiet.  And cruising on a Motorway, they are very smooth.  Without the wind and engine noise the entertainment system, just streaming away Spotify from its own internet connection sounds amazing.  On the highway, with the cruise and lane control on, it’s like being in a floating lounge room.

Handling and comfort

Most EV’s have exceptional handling through the cruisy bends, and are very comfortable on the more twisty stuff.  The battery weight across the floor provides a very low centre of gravity, which everyone knows is better for vehicle handling.  You do “feel” this extra weight on some EV’s but you can also use the Regen Braking to great effect to slow down through the bends.  It’s different, but in a good way. 

Acceleration when you need it

AmazingEV promotes safe driving within the limits of the car and the law, but, until you’ve an EV you don’t realise the acceleration they have.  Keep it up your sleeve, but when yoU need it, take the spot as you merge, overtake and back or just hit it off the line for fun, till you reach the speed limit of course.  The average family EV is more than a match for most performance ICE cars!

“I have never gone on a real trip, never taken a holiday. The best holiday for me is spent in my workshops when nearly everybody else is on vacation.”

Enzo Ferrari, needs no introduction

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