KIA EV 9 - Family Wagon or Luxury Limo?

KIA EV 9 – Family Wagon or Luxury Limo?

It’s already one of the most distinctive faces in the EV market. It’s big, it’s bold and the style get’s the thumbs up from Mrs Amazing – make no mistake, the Kia EV 9 is an AmazingEV!


But down at Currarong Beach, on the NSW coast south of Sydney, amongst the 4 x 4’s towing boats, stingrays and Pelicans, it looks like it’s from another planet.


This thing is designed for a family of 5+ dog and their gear, that much is clear. It’s not designed for us. We’ve got no children, an apartment, house cat and no surf boards or prams!


That doesn’t mean we didn’t love picking up the Kia EV9, and thank you Kia Australia, just chucking everything into it on a late, late Summer Friday afternoon and cruising down the freeway, down the south coast from Sydney to beautiful Currarong, just north of Jervis Bay. We did!

We took a trip in the amazing new KIA EV9 GT-Line, before we jump onto the online Online Configurator Guide for the new Kia EV 9.

The Kia EV9 follows the EV6 SUV’ish sedan, and precedes it’s new baby brothers, the Kia EV3 & 4 – pretty smart of Kia to secure the EV naming series.

While we loved the ride, the seats, the legroom and it’s super secure cabin – I can’t help getting the feeling two completely separate teams designed the inside and the outside.

Outside, this top of the line – GT-Line / looks like nothing else – it’s lower than you think but not actually as big as it looks, if that makes sense. It’s easy to drive, but not exactly easy to park! On the open freeway, it’s smooth and secure, if you needed to pass it had plenty and if you needed to slow down, the Regen was there to help. This top spec started our journey predicting over 550km range – Currarong and back easily so nothing to worry about there but a quick check of the frunk, and we had two cables to help if needed.

Inside, some of the GT-Line tricks, surprisingly, I grew to love. The HUD, the digital side mirrors work very well, but it will take some time to get used to the digital rear view mirror perspective. But coming from out of a Tesla, it’s the 50 odd buttons (I lost count), around the doors, dash, steering wheel and console had me a little overwhelmed.

If you'd like more info about the EV9 or any other EV, contact us here at AmazingEV

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