Lotus Eletre - A very new Direction

Lotus Eletre – A very new Direction

November 19, 2023

Colin Chapman, Founder of Lotus would be very surprised!

Colin Chapman, Lotus founder and engineering luminary would be very surprised at the release of the new Lotus Eletre Australia.


It’s not light, and its not a sports car, it’s a full size Electric SUV – but it’s an electric power house of design and technology, but still with the red thread of Lotus DNA which runs through every Lotus.


Simply Sports Cars, Australian Lotus dealer, hosted the Sydney launch of the all new Lotus Electra Australia, on a rainy, June, winters evening.  I had fond memories of the Lotus Esprit Bond car and the Lotus F1 ground effects cars of the eighties, so couldn’t wait to see the new Electra.


It was also a chance for Lotus Australia to outline grand plans for Lotus expansion into “lifestyle” vehicles in future.  Projections suggest, Sports cars will represent less than 20% of future sales.


Seeing the EIetre I was not disappointed.  Innovation and design have always been at the forefront of Lotus cars and the Lotus Eletre Australia is no different.

New car size, new direction for Lotus Eletre Australia

This design DNA harks back to the famous Lotus 30, its dramatic shape, natural but sporty with its low slung seating and flared arches was the start, and the Electra is the latest outstanding incarnation.

With the SUV, as an EV, it gave Lotus designers an opportunity to make it more like a Lotus than with a internal combustion design – allowing a recreation of a mid engine look. It’s not a retro look but the design is a reminder of the past.

For Lotus the electric revolution has created a design revolution as well. You’ll have to wait till we get a chance to drive it, but from what we’ve seen it’s going to be very impressive.

Don’t take my word for it though, have a listen to what Peter Horbury, Vice President for Design, Group Lotus has to say about what makes a Lotus so special.

He’s says the next car is completed and they are working on the one after that – I can’t wait to see.

Here's the Eletre story



Peter Horbury, VP of Design for Lotus, who featured in this Eletre launch video sadly died on 29 June 2023.  Peter had an incredible career at Volvo, Ford and more recently with Geely/Lotus.  His words from this  video resonate;


“the next car is completed and they are working on the one after that – I can’t wait to see”



Vale Peter Horbury, The Quite King of Car Design.

“Simplify, then add lightness”

Colin Chapman

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