Mercedes EQE Electric SUV AMG - Is it a real AMG?

Mercedes EQE Electric SUV AMG – Is it a real AMG?

October 26, 2023

AMG have a proud racing, engine tuning and custom history with Mercedes Benz, but can it translate to EV's?

AMG is a name synonymous with V8’s, customisation and Mercedes Benz.  Everyone knows an AMG version of a Mercedes, any Mercedes is cut above, in looks and performance.

So how does Mercedes enter the electric age and perpetuate all these hallmark qualities that make up AMG?  Well let’s have a look at the new Mercedes EQE SUV and find out.

The EQE SUV has just been release in Australia, despite being out in Europe for over a year. It’s the electric E Class SUV, the SUV brother of the electric E Class sedan. But let’s not get into the slightly confusing naming just yet.

It’s the 8th pure EV passenger vehicle Mercedes Benz have released in Australia – yes we have plenty of choice here in Australia now.

But the question remains, how does Mercedes AMG translate to Mercedes Electric AMG? I admit, I am a cynic!

One man, one engine

Afterall, AMG was build on a history of racing, starting over 50 years ago with two Mercedes engineers, Aufrecht (A) and Melcher (M) stranded, after Mercedes discontinued motorsport. But the the pair then went on to develop their own, highly successful German Touring car engine.


They then left Mercedes and formed AMG, with visions of offering road vehicles modelled after race cars – there were only 2 in AMG! Not three! GroBaspach was Aufrecht’s birthplace. Alfresh, Melsher, Grossespar


Their reputation was cemented with a famous 1971 victory at the 24 hours of Spa. The invincible AMG Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 causing a sensation.

Then, their racing performance technology, on the road and track, evolved into a new thing -customisation. In 1986 AMG created what would become known as The Hammer, after putting a 5 litre V8 into a E Class Coupe. The 190 race car followed (predecessor to the C Class), with over 50 DTM victories between 1988 and 93.


Mercedes couldn’t resist any longer so by 1990 a Co-operation agreement with AMG was formed. AMG grew as, product could be offered directly via Mercedes dealerships.


 The Mercedes C 36 AMG was released in 1993 as the first vehicle to be developed together.


From V8, to Electricate

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ SUVThe new Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ SUV

It made such good sense that by 1999 Aufrecht transferred a majority stake to Mercedes in 1999, then full majority by 2005. 


1999 also saw Aufrecht form his own racing company and focus on racing in the German Touring Car Championship.


So with ideals like one man, one engine, engineering excellence, exciting driving pleasure and ultimate quality how does Mercedes translate this brand to EV’s.


How are how they are doing so far with EV’s in Australia and lets have a look at configuring a real one, here on the Mercedes Australia website.


Will the result match the brand and the price premium?


Let’s have a look.

If you’d like more information about the Mercedes EQE SUV AMG



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