MG4 Australia - Test Drive & Buy it now

MG4 Australia – Test Drive & Buy it now

September 10, 2023

The MG4 Australia is the car that will help EV's go main steam in Australia, and you can buy it now.

After its launch at Fully Charged Live in Sydney earlier in 2023, pricing in confirmed and  orders are open for the new MG4 Australia, the first dedicated EV from MG and vying for the cheapest EV in Oz.

Plenty of critical acclaim from our British cousins, where it’s been out for a while, the MG4 Australia comes as an exciting surprise from a brand we almost lost.

For the Oz market, MG Australia have gone with the bigger (65kWh) battery unit for longer range (435km WLTP) and also managed to bring it in under $40k + ORC.

Now it enters the race with 4 models. the base model Excite 51, one of the cheapest electric vehicles Australia will see in 2023.

Remember when MG was a quaint British sports car company? No many of us left!

Who is old enough to remember the MG’s of the 60’s and 70’s, a far cry from today’s offering.  MG is British no longer, now owned by the Chinese conglomerate SAIC, after being in Chinese hands, in some form, since around 2005.  Those little old MGB sports cars are a distant memory.

By 2014 MG celebrated their 90th birthday, no longer under British ownership and were well on their way to making a serious come back with the MG 3 budget family car, a runaway success.

Now the MG focus is on EV’s and with the launch of their first dedicated platform, the MG4, their ready to pounce onto the Australia market.

MG4 Australia

What can we expect from the MG4 in Australia?

A lot,  MG4 is all new and a big jump forward over previous MG styling.  With a striking new hatchback style, it’s nothing like their previous offerings.


Five door hatch body is sharp, racy even – GT hatch-like and almost the same length as a VW Golf or VW ID3!  Lots of spoiler action and air intakes up front and at the rear roof, for the top spec model.


Orange is the press and show car colour – it  screams look at me, but there’s a full range of more conservative colours. Brixton Blue is amongst the more interesting names, Dover White the base, no cost colour.  Get the theme here?


Along the side, the big arches extend up from the bottom of the front wheel across the door lines. They help to disguise the fact it’s a bit higher than an ICE hatchback because of the underfloor battery.


Style will always be a personal thing, but the MG4 looks to me like it’s moving standing still, cat like, ready to pounce.

Powered by a 150kw electric motor, at the rear driving the rear wheels, it is great to see a return to rear wheel drive on compact and hatchback cars.  Combine this with a lower centre of gravity and the driver is the winner.


A new direction for MG

MG have started with a clean slate.  The MG4 Australia is their first real, all new EV on the new House Platform.


A big, EV-style centre screen dominates, with MG software, plus Google and Apple if you prefer.  The driver also gets a mini screen in front of the wheel.


Both Screens look modern, flat, thin bezels, easy to read with black background and are complemented by minimal switch gear across the simple black dashboard.  It’s a nice clean look and includes wireless phone chargers.


How did cars end up with so many buttons anyway?

Seats are tidy and simple, room for the kids and dog in the back seat.  Hatch space is what you would expect for a car this size, fold down seats as expected, but no Froot (Front Boot) unfortunately.


All materials inside are synthetic and functional, wheel and plastic is not offensive, certainly a step towards what we now expect from Japan or Europe.  Most EV’s are trending away from leather, so synthetic, finished nicely like this is the new normal.

EuroNCAP, and more recently Australian ANCAP gave the MG4 five stars, so it’s amongst the best and that’s been replicated by the  ANCAP  result for the MG4 here in Australia.a.

One of the cheapest and one of the best

As one of the cheapest EV’s in Australia, it’s still not a cheap car, in build or price.  What is true; it’s the perfect second car for school pickup, round town or that weekend away powered by electricity, not petrol.  That is a very good thing.

Without much fanfare, MG have forced their way to Australia’s 7th biggest seller in Australia in 2022 on the back of reasonably priced, family ICE cars and an ICE Platform EV offering, the MGZS.  
We think this MG4 is going to propel MG further up the charts, and with a new MG Cyberster on the horizon, the future is very exciting for Morris Garage.

For Kimber (1888-1945), success wasn’t about piling up the most money by selling bland sedans to a large market. It was about creating a car that was like a work of art.


Artistry, if it is truly artful, can’t be judged. Instead, it judges the viewer’s ability to see.”

Cecil Kimber, Morris Garage Sales Manager

Contact MG Australia to order a new MG4 Australia or arrange a test drive or if you want to have chat about whether it’s the right EV for you, contact Rosco at AmazingEV.

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