MG4 XPOWER - too much power?

MG4 XPOWER – too much power?

January 27, 2024

We had the MG4 XPower for a week, and after having the MG4 Essence so we could compare them directly.

The result, well, there is no comparison, this one is bonkers, it’s an incredible car.  I simply don’t know when you’d use to it’s fullest capacity. It is an amazing car, but is it too much?


How does it differ from the base line model, two engines, less battery, but an absolutely phenomenal experience driving it, the acceleration is just unbelievable on the road, Bonkers!  Filming doesn’t do justice to the speed it can reach, so quickly – even 0 – 70, legal limits is just a blur.


The numbers; 0 – 100km in 3.8s, top speed of 200km all from dual 300 kWh combined motor power, a 64kWh battery giving 400km of range.  Moooorrrrre than an enough of everything.

It looks stunning

It looks incredible too in the Hunter Green, flat metallic, which looks more like a wrap. This was the press release colour, and it is the best of the range. But the pictures still don’t do it justice, on any given day I think it looks stunning.

Beautifull alloy wheels, no plastic covers this time – not even trying to be aero. And the contentious volcanic orange brake caliper covers. Contentions, why? Because apparently an orange coloured brake caliper cover is not as cool as an orange brake caliper!

The front is really cool.  The darth vader nose I call it – same as the lesser addition but enhanced in this model to look even more like darth vader’s helmet!

Inside, not a big difference from the rest of the MG4 range, similar steering wheel, similar dashboard and similar displace screen and that has been a criticism about the car. Perhaps, if anything, the interior of the MG4 XPOWER is not special enough. The steering wheel has a great feel to it and the seats are different, with an alcantara style inserts, red trim and what feels lime more supportive seats.

Matching fabric in the door cards too. But it hasn’t been differentiated really to make it Xtra special for the Xtra power!

If you have the paint and the wheels, plus the special trim on the outside, perhaps the inside needs something a bit more special as well.

Maybe too much power

The MG4 XPOWER has power and pace to burn, it goes, it goes very fast. We just couldn’t believe it, more power than you would probably ever need in any car, anytime! The acceleration from any point is hard to comprehend, it’s mind blowing! So close to getting you into trouble on Australia roads!

It is a remarkable car. It is very hard to think of any other car that comes close around the 60k mark (MG Australia have just put their prices up, so check pricing for your respective State. The way this thing does what it does left us speechless at times. Hard to understand how and when you are going to use the performance this car has – just unbelievable sometime, off the lights your are going to beat just about everything on the road!

So, MG4 XPOWER maybe too much power?

If you’d like more information on the MG4 XPOWER, contact MG Australia or have a chat with us here at AmazingEV.

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