Polestar 4 - Australian Buyer's Guide

Polestar 4 – Australian Buyer’s Guide

Release Day

February 1 2024 was Release Day for the new Polestar 4 here in Australia. So here’s a guide to the Configurator on the Polestar Australia Website.  We take you through what you can get, all the options, and of course we configure up the best available, to see what it will cost.

First we had the Polestar 1, a hybrid short run sports car, very rare today and no longer available to buy new. Then we then we had the Polestar 2, the first mainstream all electric Polestar, which as been on sale here in Australia and round the world for a couple of years now.  Next was another all new EV platform, the big SUV, the Polestar 3.  Coming to customers later in 2024.

But now we have the Polestar 4, another exciting new all electric vehicle but this time slotting in between the 2 and 3 for size. Significantly it’s an exciting new design, really different – it looks like the future of EV’s.   As you can see we are big fans of the design, striking at the front  and from the side profile.  Even better in Gold!

No rear windscreen!

Significantly, there’s no rear windscreen, the roofline sweeps down, to the hatch, or is that the hatchback sweeping up to the sunroof?  Either way, you now rely on cameras, inside and out to cover your rear passenger view and outside the rear of car.  And if the Polestar 2 rear view mirror is anything to go by, it’s actually a big improvement!

Price wise, the Polestar 4 sits well above the 2.  But check out the Configurator Guide below to see us spec. up this beauty, or head straight to the Polestar Australia Website, and have a play yourself.


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