Porsche Taycan - Power, Performance & Prestige

Porsche Taycan – Power, Performance & Prestige

Porsche, electrifies and more than satisfies! Taycan Australia

There are a hundred superlatives you could use to describe the experience of driving a Porsche Taycan in Australia – but I admit, I did not think nervous would be one of them!  Stepping out from our Model Y, parked in the middle of the Porsche Centre South Sydney Showroom, Eric greeted us like long lost family.


We were there to test drive the Porsche Taycan, but what we were presented with was not just any demonstrator Taycan, it was the 4 wheel drive 4S, with 21 inch Mission E wheels, reminiscent of the original Porsche Mission concept and just like the one in the picture below!  Wow!

Walk around

Despite being over 8 years old, the design looks every inch what an EV Porsche should look like.  Based heavily on the Mission E concept, first introduced in 2015, whether you are a Porsche fan or not, Mrs AmazingEV and I could not help admire it’s beauty.


It looks stunning in black and white.  With or without the badge, it had the hallmark of any great car design, it looks like it’s moving standing still, also makes Panamera owners jealous. 


Despite it’s low, slung back, pure Porsche looks, it is a genuine 4-seater.  I’d rather drive than be chauffeured in this EV, but that’s what it’s designed for – the two up front.  Admire the gorgeous (optional) 21 inch Mission E wheels and brakes because there’s two, first class, return tickets to London staring back at you.


It remains faithful to the original Mission E concept, when people thought Porsche were not serious about EV’s, they are now


Let's get in and go.

We really loved the white on white colour combination, it is stunning and attracted plenty of looks out on the streets, however we weren’t so keen about some of the other bold colours you can options.


As with every Porsche, you can option your heart, and wallet out, to get the car you want.


So now, as one of the Porsche family, Eric gave us a quick familiarisation.  On the outside walk around, wave a hand or finger here or there and the front boot or the Charger cap opens.  Check the front boot and find enough room for hand luggage, at rear boot, just enough room two people’s luggage for the weekend, not much more.


Without further delay, Eric passed us the keys, we hopped, actually quite easily slide in and belted up.

Inside, he showed us little more than the accelerator and the F N R P buttons inside.


Ready to roll, I engaged D and off we went.  Still nervous!


Porsche Taycan

In the cockpit

I admit, I’m not driver enough for this car, or any Porsche for that matter. 


The point is, the Porsche brand is driving, power and performance and this Taycan, or I imagine any Taycan, is no exception.  So driving over $250k of car with this much power, in a cockpit that feels like a fighter jet – yes, we were nervous.


How do I explain it?  While the other EV’s we’ve driven have power, it always feels contained, fast, but steady.  Not so in the Porsche, where even the slightest touch on the accelerator, you are flying down the road, breaking laws in the back streets of Mascot, Sydney.


The whole thing makes it very easy to go fast.  The seats, almost on the floor, mold around you – you’re not going to moving.


The wheel is very light, probably adjustable but we didn’t find out.  It’s quality leather, as you’d expect and not so fat to hold as other sports cars.  In a throwback, the wheel has multiple control buttons and is flanked by three stalks!


The traditionally shaped Porsche centre dash has a screen instead of three dials.  Lots of info. but on the road, I was only watching the speed dial.  You almost miss the digital speedo in the Heads Up Display. Then the separate centre screen for Nav/Infotainment etc. stretches across to to the Passenger side.

Being busy is not always good

A bit too much going on on in the cockpit and on the dashboard for Mrs AmazingEV’s liking.  She prefers the clean look of another EV.  I know that ICE Porsches have become a frenzy of buttons, so for this first-generation EV, they appear to have just translated this to a digital interface.  Maybe there is an option for the Passenger screen to be blacked out, unless summoned? 


Despite the digital interface, you know, with quality of the finish, with a handmade feel, plus details like the (optional) small clock on the dash, you’re in a Porsche.


Put your foot down and all 4 wheels react immediately.  You feel the power straight away, and there is plenty of it.  The acceleration on tap is just breath taking and this was just on Normal driving mode, controlled by a button on the steering wheel.  We experienced it briefly, till I was stopped by Mrs AmazingEV who was getting even more nervous!  With my lack of experience, I wasn’t much better.


On the local back streets, it’s very comfortable just cruising (if you can), the beautiful ride belying it’s weight and 21 inch wheels, which I’ve read, results in the best handling EV thus far.


To me, it’s as good a drive as any EV I have experienced.  The big difference is, you don’t feel you want autopilot driving this car for you, you want to drive it yourself.  A real drivers car.

Was it fast? was it, was it?

The first question Eric asked when we got back was, was it fast. The answer, yes it was. Very quick. Unfortunately, the Mascot back streets and my driving ability did not do it justice.


The way it drives and the speed or is it acceleration, means it’s true to the Porsche badge.  How EV’s can be distinguished without a heart of throbbing pistons is a real challenge but Porsche have got the formula right. It turned plenty of heads, despite us only being 5km away from Porsche South Sydney.  


It looks like a Porsche from the future should look like and people know it.  Little wonder they sold more of these in 2021, over 40,000, than the hallmark of the brand, the 911.

Back down to earth

Once we returned back down to earth, Porsche HQ, we unfortunately had to cut our visit short, but the Porsche family once again reminded us we would be welcome back to talk when we will be ready.  In the meantime, spend some time on the Porsche Configurator – it’s almost as fun as driving.

Go crazy with the range of colours, options and extras you can load up on to the four base models; the Taycan, 4S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S (no, there is no Turbocharger). 

 Add to that all the variants of the newly released Cross Turismo version, dare I say an estate like version with an extended hatch rear end and you are spoilt for choice.
 And speaking of options, Porsche are still the masters of optionality.  As if there weren’t enough base model variants, you can spend hours on almost every variation possible, and some not possible before.


Such is the desirability of this car, the hardest part is going to be working work out your package of options, then waiting for it to be delivered!


For more pros and cons have a look at what our friends from another highly reputable publication, with far more experience says.


“I couldn’t find the sports cars of my dreams, so I built it myself.”

Ferdinand (Ferry) Porsche, Designer and CEO

If you're thinking about this EV, or want to chat about other cars, contact Rosco at AmazingEV.

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