Porsche - The Macan EV is almost here

Porsche – The Macan EV is almost here

November 14, 2023

Winter testing usually means we are very close to production of Porsche's highly anticipated, Macan E-SUV

The Porsche Macan is the best selling Porsche by far, so replacing it is big deal.


But switching it to an Electric Vehicle is almost life or death for Porsche. They have to get it right. What do we know so far?



The new Porsche Macan EV is coming soon, it will probably be on existing family platform and will come in ICE, hybrid and EV forms.


By recent accounts it’s proposed 800V electric motor is even going to power a new electric boat under a deal with Frausher (Frau sker) Ship yard.



Porsche have confirmed the new EV verion of the Macan will be the most powerful Macan ever. It’ll probably have dual motors, 440 Kw of power (603 hp) and a massive 100kWh battery providing up to 600km range.

New Macan EV, expect an ICE verion too

Sitting on the Porsche / Audi shared Platform it’ll sit low, giving unprecedented performance for an SUV. As if Macan wasn’t the best in class before. But with a low slung battery it will be even better.


Most Macans don’t see much off road action. Street performance should therefore be class leading thanks to the Porsche Active Suspension system.


Inside, it’s expected to be evolutionary, not revolutionary, following the theme of the latest Cayenne, balancing digital and analogue.


That includes a wide screen dash for driver and passenger, for control and entertainment.


Knowing Porsche, you’ll have also have a choice of Base model, through to GTS / Turbo editions, with every option in between. Still no launch date confirmed, but from these images it’s not far away.


And with 800v power meaning more power and faster charging, why not put it in a boat? From Studio FA Porsche, – The Frauscher X Porsche 858 Fantom Air Day Cruiser – what more do you want?

New Macan Electric Motor will also power a boat!

Porsche is also collaborating with Austrian Frauscher Shipyard to develop an exclusive electric sports boat.

Equipped with the drive technology of the future Porsche Macan electric, the 8.67-metre-long day cruiser is based on the 

Frauscher 858 Fantom Air.


Porsche aims to be a leader in sustainable mobility.  This ambition is not limited to racing and road cars.  So together with the renowned Frauscher Shipyard in Austria, the sports car manufacturer is developing an electric yacht, with typical Porsche E-Performance.


The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air is set to impress with attributes that already distinguish the fully-electric Taycan sports saloon: impressive acceleration, abundant pulling power, superior, continuously available performance, and inspiring design.

Delivery of a first edition of 25 units is to begin in 2024.

“There is no such thing as the perfect car… But… we have to do everything in our power to approach this ideal.”

Ferdinand Porsche

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