Why I Love my Tesla Model Y

Why I Love my Tesla Model Y

After six months of driving my new Tesla Model Y, if the question is should I buy a Tesla? The answer is yes. Let me tell you why

You can’t really love a car, right?  We are not talking about loving the obvious benefits of EV’s; no more petrol, no pollution, quiet running and more power than you will ever need.


No, instead, we are talking about how Tesla has created, not just a range of cars but a whole environment which just makes driving and using this car so easy.

I wasn’t and haven’t turned in to a Tesla zealot but since making the decision to get an EV I ‘ve driven lots of EV brands and models, all tick the boxes above.  


But for us, Tesla’s EV world just works the best and once you’re in,  you won’t want to leave.

The Tesla Model Y was not where my EV search started, but it was certainly where I ended up.

At a basic level, it’s like a very good appliance, it’s white, you push Drive like a washing machine it lights up and just goes.  But that white is not just any white, it’s a deep iridescent pearl white and boy does this machine go!

You walk up, it recognises you from your mobile phone app/key and it unlocks, let’s you in.  You enter without fuss, sit down, select your profile and the seats and steering wheel adjust to fit you automatically.

Brake, select Drive with the stalk and the Tesla ding’s to let you know you are ready to go. Push the accelerator and cruise silently away.

No start button, no key, no turning the  engine, no fumes, really no sound at all –  no drama.  The Tesla Model Y just feels very safe.

Turns out it not only feels safe, it is safe.  It received the highest score issued by ANCAP Safety testing,  not just for an EV, but for any car in Australia.

Within this bubble, the floor is completely flat, front and back so you and your family (and the dog) have so much space. You sit up highish for an expansive all-round SUVish view from the big black vinyl seats, super comfortable, multi adjustable (heated for Mrs AmazingEV and extending almost flat when she needs a rest).

If all this sounds weird, overly zealous even, I suggest you just drive a Tesla, or any EV, and you'll get it!

Chill Mode will help you chill!

In Chill mode, the gentlest of several driving modes the car potters around town, power on low and acceleration dialled back.


Virtually no road noise, like none (thanks also in part to double glazing), just the hum on the Heat Pump fan.  Until you use the optional voice control to call up your selection on the sweet sounding stereo system playing from Spotify or digital radio or the big touch screen.


Call up your favourite song, yes with your voice and within seconds you’ll be singing along to Dolly Parton!

The good news, choosing Tesla has turned out to be a fantastic decision.

But don’t be fooled by Chill mode, if you need to you can unleash enough power to embarrass almost every other car on the road.  See a gap, take it.  Need to pass a car, just do it – all very safely of course.


And soon you realise you don’t need a speedo in front of you –  instead you have a small but effective speed readout in the top corner of the massive screen.  After no time, you’ll stop yearning for your old dash board.  Besides,  there’s so much information on the screen, with maps and a visualisation of the road around you, if it were in front of you it would be a distraction!  


But don’t be scared, it’s as simple to learn as your mobile phone, but way more fun.  I prefer the display in dark mode, the black background screen but you can choose, like this page it makes for better contrast.  This is the future of car design and for me it really works.


Meanwhile the Tesla’s own Nav. system does all the work for you.  Years of development gives you very very fast mapping, with presets for your Office and Home.  Connect you phone to it and you have not only all your contacts and phone control from voice or steering wheel, you have all you phone Calendar appointments synchronised with the Nav., all ready to take you to your next appointment.


I dreamt of this feature 10 years  ago, and many other things that maybe a car could or should do.  And that’s the foundation of our love, Tesla have had 10 years to perfect this and have nailed it.

Tesla Model Y

It doesn't look like a "normal" car, but nor should it

Let’s have a wander around the outside, it’s certainly different, and I like it.  I think EV’s are supposed to represent a pivotal change in car design, so while the interior polarises many people, the outside is also challenging.


There’s curves and lines in strange places, all designed to accommodate a big, underfloor battery pack, and 4 or 5 people + dog inside with no obvious car “make-it-go” machinery in the front or the rear!

The 19inch wheels virtually sit at each corner, extend the interior and exterior space and are big enough. Bigger 21 inch wheels are available on the Model Y, but they reduce your range apparently so not for me.


Instead,  I couldn’t help myself, tarting them up with aftermarket, matching white Aero Look wheel covers.  Maybe some aero benefits, maybe not, but mostly for show.

Big Frunk (or Froot)

The Froot/Frunk opens up front to a goodly space for an overnight bag, at the rear there is so much room, even before folding the rear seats down, I don’t know what to do with it all.  The Electric motor powering this thing, is in the rear somewhere, I think, but I’ve never seen it.


Driving is a dream.  I’m not for driving anywhere fast, but if you really want to, you can.  It accelerates so silently and quickly you sometimes need the cruise control’s active speed sign limiter to stay safe.


Out on the highway there are other control measures; you can employ cruise control for speed and distance control to keep your distance.  Then get a taste of the future by activating Lane Control to watch the car automatically drive itself, hands on the wheel it’s “almost” driving itself!


But unlike most love affairs, with a Tesla, you can be as engaged as much as you like.  Drive it like a real driver’s car, accelerate and brake hard, (augmented by the Regen braking, or one foot driving, when you lift off the accelerator).


Or you can do what I like to do, and just drift along with all the driving aids engaged, closeted in the Model Y.  Tesla give you the choice.

Tesla SuperCharger

The cream on the cake is the Tesla Supercharger Network

The cream on the wedding cake though is the world opened up to you from the Tesla App, the jewel in the Tesla crown, the Tesla Supercharger Network.

Surely the best example of foresight by any company was Tesla’s plan to nurture the adoption of Teslas and EV’s in general with the the inception and rollout of the Tesla Supercharger Network.  It is a remarkable asset. 

They are handy and so easy to use. You drive up,  plug in and they just work, your car displays the level, speed and cost.  And they are fast, 50% of a tank in about 20min.  Enough time for a coffee or a bit of supermarket shopping.

Charging now is easy, like a mobile phone it’s really second nature.  Rather than being anxious about charging or range, you start to relish not going to a petrol station.

Instead, you charge every day, when you can with your own home charger or with a special trip to one of the network of amazing Tesla Superchargers.

It has become a deep love

Doesn’t matter where you charge, the love affair continues as you know your bill for fuel (electricity now) is going to be half what you would have spent on petrol, so you stop counting and just enjoy it.


Then almost everything on the car can be monitored or controlled on your Tesla App.  It’s your key, your car remote control for almost every feature and your payment gateway for  charging.

In a nutshell, Tesla love is about being part of a community.  Appreciation of technology, design and Electric power started this, but the feeling of belonging keeps it going.


Every car manufacturer has been trying for decades to build brand loyalty by creating a community for their drivers.


Many have tried, many have failed, but so far Tesla have achieved what others can only dream about and this is at the heart of my love for this Tesla.  

“When something is important enough, you do it, even if the odds are not in your favor.”

Elon Musk

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