Where is the Tesla Supercharger Broadway located - first time it can be tricky to find.

Where is the Tesla Supercharger Broadway located – first time it can be tricky to find.

July 22, 2023

The Tesla Supercharger, Broadway, Sydney is hidden on Level B2 in the depths of the North Carpark at the Broadway Shopping Centre, Bay Street, Glebe, Sydney

Where is the Tesla Supercharger Broadway located? Finding it for the first time can be tricky! Enter via the North Car park, stay on the ground level, but then after the first Tesla sign.

After that there is no more signage and it almost feels like you are going to Exit completely, instead of finding it.

It’s one of Sydney’s oldest and most popular Tesla Superchargers, a bit of a wait around lunch time as you find out how many Tesla Model S are Sydney Hire Cars!

But otherwise with 8 bays, (1B is my favourite) you don’t usually need to wait long. If you have time, look out for the Tesla and other free AC only chargers on the wall. They are usually busy, but that’s because they are free.  Don’t forget the normal 2 hour free parking limits apply, so you’ll pay to exit after that, but with Tesla Idle Fees in the back of your mind, you’ll be long gone!  

Things might change, as Tesla Broadway is now open to other brands, but for now, so far so good.

Follow this guided video tour for a dramatic trip along the tree lined streets of Broadway and into the maze that is the journey to find the Tesla Supercharger Broadway!

We had fun making it so I hope you have fun watching.

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