Used EV Buyer Tip #1 - How long do EV Batteries last?

Used EV Buyer Tip #1 – How long do EV Batteries last?

“While electric vehicles are still vehicles, a single component – the battery – has never played such a significant role in a used vehicle’s value.” Jared Kalfus, the President of American company Black Book“ recently said.


So, technology that can verify the health of an EV battery is a gamechanger for both buyers and sellers of used EV’s. It will provide transparency and build trust – two core requirements for the burgeoning used EV market.

EV Battery Heath is Everything

It varies, but we can think about it a couple of ways. First, from research data, a report by from Recurrent Auto in the USA – suggests up to 20 years or 300,000 km. Digging deeper into their Telematic data suggests 80% retention after a decade. The other major indicator, the extent of theh new EV manufacturer’s warranty. An indication of their confidence in their own battery tech, which for most, eg. Tesla is 8 years or 160,000km.


Recently, EV experts Rob Ogilvie (AEVA), Tim Brown (Whipsmart), Sam Evans (The Electric Viking) and Giles Parkinson (The Driven) took to the stage at Electrify Everything Convention in Sydney to demystify the myths about buying a used EV in Australia.


High up on the agenda was battery health. When asked about the reality of the 10-year standard EV battery warranty, Tim Brown CEO of Whipsmart said; “Some people (in Australia) have done over 600,000km on the same motor and same battery (of a Tesla) and others who have done as much as 800,000km.”


So, if you are considering buying a used EV how can you be certain the battery is in good condition?


But how do I test my Battery Health

When I was about to buy my very first car, a used little gem that was going to get me to university, my mother intervened. “Why don’t you get it checked out by a professional to verify it’s all in working order before you hand over your cash.” It was verified as an A-grade lemon.


Short-term heartache for long-term gain. The good news is that we can apply the same principle to EVs because the technology exists.


A number of overseas companies are leading the way in Battery Health analysis, among them US company Recurrent – of a used EV battery who track live EV data to determine EV battery health.


Recurrent have also produced an exceptional Report on EV Battery Health.


And recently they’ve launched their Battery Adjusted Values™ into their Cherry Vehicle Valuation App.  Adopting battery condition obtained via vehicle-specific information and battery data the technology to provide an increase or decrease to the value of used EV’s.


Elsewhere, several European companies, Aviloo and RUV Rheinland, which has launched Battery Quick Check with start-up, Twaice, in car workshops across Germany have established dedicated Battery Testing tools and teams.  These tools provide exceptional and accurate assessments of used EV battery health, benefiting both the potential buyer and the seller.


What does it mean for EV Buyers and Sellers?

We can all look forward to EV battery testing resulting buyers, sellers, and dealerships all relying on a standardise battery score or certification.

Most batteries experience degradation in their ability to charge as they grow older. This is hardly noticeable in day to day driving which ranges from 85 – 15 % charge levels in usual round town use. It’s only the long-range trips which will be affected with age.

EV Battery testing really comes into its own when it reveals degradation that is well below expectation, suggesting a major fault in some cells or the battery pack. To see what can’t be seen!

Standardising these results allows.

1. The use of battery adjusted pricing for used EV’s to set fair pricing

2. Lenders & Insurers adjusting pricing to consolidate asset value

3. Battery adjustments can help develop accurate asset value and resale values

So, if you’re in the market for a Used EV, or you’re selling a used EV, for peace of mind, seek out an EV battery test.

If you’d like more information about EV battery life and their sustainability, check out this excellent article from the NRMA.

Would you be more inclined to purchase a used EV if it came with a verified battery health check?

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