Used EVs will soon become much easier to get.

Used EVs will soon become much easier to get.

December 15, 2023

The ABC's Gavin Coote reports, there are a "Growing number of second-hand EVs on Australian roads"

“After a slow start, the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia has been surging over the last year as supply constraints ease and motorists look to make the switch from petrol cars.

But with the price tag of a new EV likely to remain a barrier for most Australians, getting one second-hand could be a more realistic and affordable option.

So when will more second-hand EVs become available, are they reliable, and how much can you be expected to pay?”

What to look for

It might not come as a surprise that battery health is the biggest consideration when deciding whether to buy a second-hand EV.

That’s because the battery is the most expensive part of an EV and can be very costly to replace.

While checking the battery health can be difficult, depending on the make and model of a car, independent EV consultant Bryce Gaton said this would become easier over time with the growth of diagnostic apps and EV-trained mechanics…..

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