When is the best time to buy a used EV?

When is the best time to buy a used EV?

You’ve been thinking about it. You’ve talked to your partner about it, the kids have been relentless in their interrogations and now, your elderly parents are showing off theirs.

And now, you really need to know when is the best time to buy a used EV?

Well, that time is now. It’s always right now.

Unlike buying a brand-new electric vehicle, you don’t need to order a used electric vehicle; so that means no waiting, no delays. In fact, as you read this, hundreds of used electric vehicles all around Australia are waiting patiently to be recharged, rehomed and reloved.

You could be driving a used EV home right now….

Why is now the right time to buy a used EV?

It’s a good time because new electric vehicles are evolving rapidly, and those early adopters (the people who knew Tesla wasn’t a phone company) of technology, trends and specifically electric vehicles are ready to sell their existing EV.


Of course, there are a plethora of other reasons. For a start, buying a used EV will deliver immediate savings now. Not long-term savings (it’ll do that to) or future savings, it will literally put money in your wallet NOW because you will never have to pay for petrol again!


Used EV’s prices are coming down, and depreciation is expected to track the same path as a  used petrol car, but with expected battery life of ten years or more.   And, petrol aside, your mechanical bills and repair expenses will be a fraction of what they were with a used petrol car.  That’s a big deal, especially with the soaring cost of living pressures we are facing here in Australia, everything and anything counts.


Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t more expensive so, the real question is ‘Why aren’t I driving a used EV right now?’



BMW i3 used EV

A used EV is not a used car

There are used petrol cars and then, there are used electric vehicles. The difference is palpable. To even try to compare a used petrol car with a used electric vehicle is nothing short of ridiculous; because, while we can all agree they are both cars, the similarities end there.


A used electric vehicle is unique. They’ve been loved, and yet they still have years of love to give and honestly, they don’t expect much in return.


Instead, they offer a multitude of on-going benefits to their new driver including:


  • A used EV battery still has 1000’s of km life to live – most of them have a lifespan of 10 years.
  • Unlike a regular petrol vehicle, the serviceability costs on a used EV battery are negligible apart from checking the tyres and charging up
  • A used EV has been driven and tested in most cases the previous driver has “run” in the car for you making it easier to set up and manage.
  • You know it’s the right thing to do – the cycle of buying a used EV is sustainability and reusability in action
  • Your company may have leasing or purchase incentives for EV’s etc.

How do I find a good used EV?

To get the electricity going between you and your prospective pre-loved EV, there are a few things you can do. 

Start by doing your homework, keep your eyes peeled for government incentives and rebates on the purchase of all types of new and used electric vehicles.

Remember your lifestyle, consider how often you’ll use your new, pre-loved EV and how many people must be able to fit inside it comfortably at any time then:

  • Check out the standard online marketing platforms, most of them sell used cars and are slowly incorporating and adopting the sale of used EV’s.
  • Perhaps you have close family or friends who are selling their existing EV, and you may be able to purchase a used EV from them.
  • Maybe you belong to club or association who can help you?

But, if you want to connect with the experts on used electrics vehicles (that would be us!), join the AmazingEV Club. We are a family, a group of people who have found our perfect match.  We connected with our own pre-loved EV, and we understand the process.  Now, we want to help everyone else do the same.

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