WLTP EV Range - WTF ?

WLTP EV Range – WTF ?

November 1, 2023

WLTP this, WLTP that, every time you see an EV review or video they state the range WLPT. So what does WLPT mean?

WLPT EV range.  What does it mean?  It stand for Worldwide, Light Vehicle Harmonised Test Procedure.   So let’s get a bit technical, and delve into the definition and history of WLTP.  Let’s find out what it’s all about.


WLTP for EV’s is the range of a vehicle, as stated by the testing authority, which is suppose to, but may not represent real world driving and condition.


More often than not, the WLTP range figure for an EV is still optimistic, sometimes positive to the tune of 10%.  That is, it tends to overstate the real life range by as much as 10%, or sometimes more.


For the EV Buyer, the real benefit in the testing is that all vehicles are tested using the same methodology.  So it’s still an ideal benchmark to compare two different EV’s for overall range.  Just not an ideal measure of actual range.



The WLTP testing comprises several driving tests, designed to represent real world EV operation, on urban and extra-urban roads and freeways.  It also includes a fixed time test over a variety of conditions and speeds.


The reason the actual EV range figures will always vary is because real world driving range, particularly in an EV, depends on many factors, including, but without limitation: individual driving style, road and traffic conditions, environmental conditions, fuel quality, a vehicle’s or battery’s condition, load and use and ambient temperature.


This article and the graphic below draws heavily from information on the WLTP website, WLTPfacts.eu.  If you’d like ALL the detail head over to their site.

What IS WLPT and how does it work?


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