How to sell your used EV

How to sell your used EV

April 3, 2024

Where do I start?

Listing your EV for sale is easy and only takes 10 minutes.

First go the website, hit the Sell button and star by creating an account, with your username and password. You’ll receive a confirmation email straight away, hit confirm and you are ready to start selling your EV.

Write the story of your EV

Enter you Electric Vehicle basics: name, model, year, colour and kms etc. in the field.


But then for the secret sauce, spend some time, or let us help you to write the story of your EV.  Special features, added accessories, modifications etc. Why you love it and why you think others will too.


The more you tell, the better the results.

Great images sell EV's faster

But they say a picture tells a thousand words, so spend some time on the best images you can.  Think high end real estate advertising!


We are convinced that lots, at least 20 quality images (in landscape mode), showing all the angles of the EV, plus close ups of wheels and features, and shots of the seats, dash and interior really help to make your EV sell quicker.


AmazingEV can guide you to on how to take the best shots, worthy of your beloved EV, or check out the link to the EV Sellers Photo Guide below. In some cases we can even come out for a photoshoot!

Video gets even better results

Plus, we’ve got space on the Listing for a video, so break out your phone, grab some sweeping landscape shots and close ups and get your EV dancing on screen.  If you’re not confident, send us some video grabs and we can create some magic for you.

Choose a Listing Plan

Once you’ve entered all the details, select from the Listing Plans – you only pay for a one-time listing, which gives you 3 months to sell (just in case).

Get going with the Spark Plan, for a Website Listing, or crank up full social media exposure with the Social Blast Plan.

We're with you every step of the way

Then, don’t worry, our team reviews all listings and help if we can to promote the EV in the best light.  Then once we know you’ll be really happy, we hit the button, and the listing goes live within 12 hours.

And don’t worry, we don’t leave you there, our team at AmazingEV is with you though out the sales process – ready to answer any questions and help.

And remember once you’ve sold, let us know the good news, and we’ll take the listing down ready for the next AmazingEV. Contact me, Rosco, at

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